Spring Trainings

This Spring, BLB will offer the following:

1 hour Open Gym Training –> this includes mostly fundamental skill development, 1 on 1 decision making, and some 3 on 3 when possible.

Semi-Private training –> up to 4 players max, which makes these trainings more individualized to the players needs. The goal is mold the training around the level of the player and make specific drills that will help the player make quicker gains in their skills/fundamentals. These drills will be homework for the player to use at home to continue developing that players skill set on their own time.

BLB Mini Camps –> This Spring, we will be doing 2 mini camps throughout the week. You can sign up for the whole week or choose which days fit your schedule. Check the flyer above for the dates.

Weekend 3 on 3 –> Will be hosting the BLB 3 on 3 concept on a small court to simulate a real game with less players making it a great way to coach in real time with less players on court.

Spring AAU Shoreshot/BLB team –> There will be a tryout at Hoop Group HQ on Feb. 20th at 7:15-8:30pm for any 4th grade players interested in joining the Shoreshots/BLB 4th grade AAU team.